This whitepaper introduces the concept of industrial real-time Linux servers and includes the following sections:

  • What is an Industrial Real-Time Linux Server?
  • What is the business value?
  • The Challenge of Legacy Industrial Computing and Data Systems
  • Common Misconception: My Industrial Systems Modernization Efforts Don’t Need Real-Time
  • Real-Time Linux versus Commercial RTOS
  • The rtx daemon – Linux Real-Time Executive
  • Real-Time Assemblies
  • Performance-Optimized Real-Time Computing – Method to the rtxd Madness
  • Real-Time Computing and Data Handling Frameworks
  • Fast ROI with Phased Industrial Real-Time Linux Server Deployments
  • Case Study #1: Industrial Test Facility
  • Case Study #2: Fleet Monitoring and Control for 3D Printers
  • Case Study #3: Aircraft Cockpit Real-Time Integration, Verification, and Validation

This paper is 10 pages and free to download!