The markets for Internet of Thing (IoT) devices are forecast to experience phenomenal growth in the coming years, but not all IoT markets are created equal. Two of the most prominent IoT markets are the consumer IoT and the Industrial IoT (IIoT). IIoT devices are differentiated by much stricter requirements for timing, reliability and consistency as they are often critical links in control and safety systems. Between market demand and recent advances in technology, the IIoT is expected to accelerate an already impressive growth trajectory. With such increased demand for IIoT devices, more time and effort will be spent developing and validating these products, which in turn fuels the need for better tools and frameworks to increase development speed, quality and verifiability.

To fill this demand, the rtxd project was conceived of by ADI to share lessons learned and best practices from over twenty years of implementing critical real-time control systems for some of the world’s most demanding applications. ADI believe the need for these services will only increase in the coming years and that the best way to embrace this rapidly expanding market is to share best practices through this new open source project.

This whitepaper describes the fundamentals of the rtxd project and explains why it makes sense for ADI and others to invest their time and resources toward this effort.

The rtxd Project: Open Source Real-time for the Industrial Internet of Things PDF (2.9 MB)